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Washington State is very popular with international students and professionals looking for a high-quality and affordable education.Washington State offers education in a safe, clean and friendly environment, and is famous for its natural beauty, opportunities for outdoor adventure, lively music scene, and coffee!

Choose from more than 40 public and private universities, four-year colleges, two-year community colleges and English language schools.   A wide range of programs and degrees are available, from Intensive English to Doctoral degrees.

Each school also has professional advisers to help students with the programs, or transfer to complete their degree programs.

The state of Washington has many exciting features:

  • World-class companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks and Amazon.com
  • Exceptional cities with great shopping, museums, coffee houses and activities
  • Home of the Seattle Mariners baseball, Seahawks football, and Sounders Soccer teams
  • Outstanding snowboard and ski resorts
  • Traditional western rodeos and festivals

Washington State has something for everyone!

Go to Experience Washington for a complete list of activities, events, pictures and exciting places to visit in the State of Washington.


What is Study Washington?

STUDY WASHINGTON is an association of colleges, universities, independent schools and education service providers in Washington State. The mission of “Study Washington” is to promote the State of Washington as the best destination for international students who wish to study in the USA. Member schools represent all levels of education and are located in every part of the state. For detailed information about our member schools, please click on our member list, which will lead you directly to their website.